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  • 5 Essential Oils you should never travel without.

    Traveling and seeing the world is one of the best ways to really feel alive and grow. It feeds the need for adventure and renews fatigued eyes, helping them view the world in a new and fresh light. It can also take a toll on our immune systems—changing sleep patterns, different foods, and exposure to crowds can all add up.

    After my recent 6-week trip in South East Asia, I realized that taking 20 oils along was excessive, making my carry on luggage much heavier than needed. I found myself returning to the same 5 oils over and over. (Along with these 5 oils, I like to travel with a 2 oz PET plastic bottle of a carrier to make on-the-spot blends: jojoba for cooler drier climates and aloe for warmer humid climates.)

    1. Lavender – As we have called it a million times over this is the mother of all oils. It works wonders on soothing the stress of flying, and helps you get to sleep in a new time zone by calming the nervous system. Add 3 drops to a teaspoon of carrier and rub on neck and back before flight and before bedtime!

    2. Peppermint – To combat motion sickness I have found nothing better. Make yourself an aromatherapy travel inhaler or just put 3-4 drops on a tissue and sniff away while in transit. Also great in the mornings to get you up and motivated to see whatever exciting place you have traveled to. Add 3 drops to a teaspoon of carrier and rub on your stomach in order to relieve an upset stomach. (Perhaps caused by over indulging in rich foods, which I can never say no to when traveling!)

    3. Tea Tree  –  This oil deals fantastically with any sort of infection, from cuts and scrapes, to bladder infections, to cold and flu.  Apply neat 1 drop on wound to clean it out and keep infection away.

    4. Eucalyptus  – Traveling with any sort of congestion is never a good feeling. Using 2-3 drops in carrier and rubbing on the chest will relieve stuffy noses. Using a few drops of eucalyptus on the shower floor can also make a fantastic steam that helps to open up blocked airways.

    5. Sweet Orange – This little gem not only helps deal with the sluggishness of jet lag, lift your mood, and relieve irritability, it works to actually improve your immune system. Sweet orange also partners well with peppermint to deal with digestive issues like irritable bowels, constipation and nausea. It adds a happy note to any blend!

    We’ll be adding a high quality tea tree oil to our collection soon, but in the meantime, learn more by browsing our current collection of EVER Brooklyn essential oils.

    Happy spring traveling!


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