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  • What's a diffuser?

    This is the most common question I get about practicing aromatherapy at home. A diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to break apart oil droplets into tiny microparticles that are lifted into the air in a mist of water. It is one of the safest, most effective ways to take advantage of everything essential oils have to offer. Unlike candles and other heat-based scent methods that can alter the therapeutic properties of essential oils, these diffusers preserve their natural chemistry when released into the air.

    I use my diffuser regularly for an apartment cleanse with a few drops of orange and/or lavender. Eucalyptus does wonders for our sinuses in the winter during cold and flu season as well as the spring to deal with allergies. Peppermint is refreshing too, and blended together they really clear the air. When I'm working from home and need to focus before racing to school pickup at 2:45, frankincense helps me ignore distractions and keeps me on track. And when I'm feeling off balance, a little bit of clary sage evens me out.

    For a high quality ultrasonic diffuser, I recommend a company called Puzhen. They offer a wonderful range of diffusers in various sizes. The one I have is the small Sha aroma diffuser (pictured above) and it's perfect for my apartment in Brooklyn. I love the ceramic base, and even though my place is small, a remote control really comes in handy!

    There are other less expensive ones out there, and Amazon has a bunch of them you can order here: Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. We're researching different diffusers to carry in our online store so please email us with recommendations if you have any!


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