EVER for Professionals

Welcome to the Professionals section of our site. We've developed this section for diverse professionals and artisans who work regularly with essential oils. At EVER, essential oil quality is of utmost importance to us. All of our oils are certified organic, wild-crafted, or unsprayed. If you are unhappy with the quality of an oil you have received from us, we would appreciate your help in resolving the issue. Please contact us at info@everbrooklyn.com. Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to working together as colleagues. 

NEW! Join our EVER Professionals Program for discounts on bulk orders!

We're pleased to announce our new membership program for professionals interested in purchasing bulk quantities of our essential oils. For a $50 annual membership fee, you'll receive a unique code for 20% off retail prices for the year. This offer is valid for licensed professionals or artisans with a valid resale certificate. To apply, please email us at info@everbrooklyn.com

Looking for GC/MS reports?

Our chemistry reports contain all the available information about each batch of oil, including a chemical analysis of key components. Please refer to the chemistry report number on your bottle for the matching profile. You'll find a link to the GC/MS report on each product page as soon as it's available.

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